About the WE Awards


Day 8 Business Academy founders, Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go successfully launched their first book together, “THE WE ENTREPRENEUR” in July 2010. It wasn't just any book but a call for entrepreneurial authenticity. Josiah and Chiqui connected the dots and realized that they need to let go of the “ME” and say hi to the “WE”. A Whole Entrepreneur or WE Entrepreneur has mastered the 10 Building Blocks which consists of 5 tasks (business-side) and 5 treasures (personal-side).




1.Vision and Mission – It all starts with an exciting vision and mission, to give you a road map toward a desired destination. Be enlightened with your life’s purpose and reason for existence.
2.Compelling Value Proposition – Your product and price must satisfy an existing gap in the market in a compelling way, otherwise you will easily be commoditized.
3.Attractive Profit – Convert your value proposition to value capture, offering something both for consumers and stockholders.
4.Enduring Cash Flow – Your cash flow must be liquid to help you pay your obligations promptly and not just paper profit without actual cash.
5.Manageable Execution Issues – Learn to anticipate barriers to avoid wasting valuable resources, especially time, which is irreversible to sustain your business’ activities. 
6.Belief in God – Balance your professional life and personal life. Keep in mind that without faith, it is easy to lose direction and give up during trying times.
7.Beloved Family – The truest reason why entrepreneurs really work hard. Meaningful work success is when your family is together in harmony, in peace, and in joy.
8.Meaningful self – Challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zones. Find happiness in tasks and goals that bring both meaning and pleasure.
9.Good Health – Take care of your health to fully enjoy the rewards of our hard work – with able minds and bodies.
10.Relevant Network – Relationships are formed in an authentic manner to enable synergies that can make everyone purposeful and progressive.
WE entrepreneurs know the importance of the “us” and the “ours” in their lives. Success to them is attaining both sides instead of compromising on the tyranny of “either or”. Too much focus on only one side would lead to overall failure -- a common mistake for ME entrepreneurs.


In celebration of the 10th year anniversary of Day 8 Business Academy, we are launching The WE Awards for Purposeful Entrepreneurship. This award is given to entrepreneurs who have successfully balanced the tasks (meaningful work) and treasures (meaningful personal lives) of entrepreneurship. We seek to recognize successful entrepreneurs who are purpose-driven and maximize wealth-sharing - sharing the maximum to the marginalized and disadvantaged. This award is headed by successful entrepreneurs Josiah Go and Chiqui Escareal-Go and is officially endorsed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Go Negosyo.


The inspiration behind the WE Awards logo comes from the idea of prosperity and purpose. The ‘W’, with wings-like structure symbolizes extending a helping hand to others and freedom through entrepreneurship. While the Greek symbol ‘sigma’ means summation of the 10 Building Blocks of a WE Entrepreneur, the 18th letter in Greek Alphabet, where the number 18 in Hebrew also means life.